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Industrial cranes help facilitate the movement of materials, products, manufacturing pieces, and finished goods from one place to another. Many modern cranes have a wide range of features that help facilitate the safety and efficiency of each crane, such as shock load prevention, full automation, intelligent radio control, regenerative drives, skew and tracking control, and many others.

The following industries can benefit the most from updating their crane systems:

Power generating: Power generating requires the transportation of several different types of large equipment and materials. Large containers of fuel must be transferred from one place to another. Some power generating plants use large electromagnets to create power and facilitate the production of power and electricity.

Steel manufacturing: The steel and metal manufacturing industry uses cranes to transport heavy metal pieces from one place to another. Large vats of melted metal are lifted by cranes for pouring into molds and shaping into pieces. Other companies move hot metal slabs from one place to another with crane assistance.

Pulp and paper production: In the paper and pulp production, huge rolls of paper are produced before their final trimming into normal paper sizes. Large cranes move the paper rolls from one place to another.

Cargo transportation: Shipyards, airports, and trucking companies all use large cranes to load trucks, planes, and ships. The cranes make the process of loading and unloading cargo much easier and faster. Depending on the size of the cargo, the size of the crane can vary.